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I WANT ONE. Keep me in the LOOP!
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“It pulls nervous energy from my body into my hand and helps me relax into my creative process."  - Stephen Lucas, Artist & Inventor of The Tinker Thinker​. 

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Be an Early-Bird and get 30% OFF!

"Roll it, spin it, flip it, rub it and more! It's stress relieving fidget fun for EVERYBODY, ages 9 to 99!"

We’re so excited to bring The Tinker Thinker to tinkerers around the world! We already have the tooling ready for our first production of 5000 units.

Be among the first to get in on our premier model - 'Wings' - we think it looks like a Butterfly. What do you think?

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This is what's possible with The Tinker Thinker. It's therapeutic in so many ways. Can you feel yourself relaxing? There has never been ANYTHING like the Tinker Thinker...it just FEELS good! 

Just imagine...​

  • Improving Your Focus
  • Releasing Your Creativity
  • Relieving Stress 
  • Enjoying Discreet Fidgeting
  • Appeasing Your Kids
  • Loosening Stiff Joints
  • Improving Your Dexterity
  • Massaging Your Body​​